The Doomsday Clock is declaring a warning to this world. Whether or not people are listening is irrelevant; the clock is ticking. There is a spiritual doomsday clock ticking away as well. It is a countdown to spiritual catastrophe, as well as spiritual accountability. Mankind has plummeted into deep darkness in their morality, leaving a gaping hole between them and the Living God—that, my friend, spells catastrophe. Then, on the other hand, the clock is ticking to a judgment that every man, every woman, the rich and the poor alike, will have to attend. That spells accountability. In 3 Minutes to Midnight, Pastor Chuck Salvo endeavors to rebuild the walls of biblical truth by destroying the anti-biblical world views of our day.

A spiritual catastrophe is upon us, and the doctrines of devils have permeated our culture. While the clock continues to tick, you and I can be prepared by holding true to biblical doctrine and not be swayed by the breath of a wicked system. The doctrines of devils have filled the atmosphere, and many fall to their wicked deceptions. But those who are submitted to God’s spirit will recognize those doctrines as being nothing but bad breath.

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